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Ford Lininger Agency


Ford Lininger Agency is a New York City based headhunting firm that launched in 2015. We serve the Architecture and Design community, with leading established and emerging creative firms seeking support in developing their teams. Our core competence at FL/A is a deep understanding of this community.


We identify  the best suited job seekers and connect them with our ever expanding portfolio of A-list firms. Our candidates are vetted for technical skills, professional experience, education, written and verbal communication and interpersonal, human qualities.

We understand the unique demands of each position and assess our clients’ company cultures and business goals in order to present top talent candidates that align with both their current and future needs. We keep our clients confidently apprised of the process, with regular communication throughout the search.


We offer a diverse, qualified, verified candidate base and pride ourselves on efficiency in hiring, from introduction to offer negotiation and acceptance – guaranteed. With an outstanding success rate predicated on having done the groundwork, we never leave a new hire’s success to chance.


Ford Lininger has over twenty years of experience in the luxury design sector – interior design and architecture, furniture/product design, executive management and sales. Ford’s keen, first hand experience offers clients a clear advantage in finding top candidates.

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